Quetico offers the ultimate rugged and peaceful solitude for serious canoeists - sought by many and discovered by few.

Discover Quetico Provincial Park, located in Ontario, Canada just bordering Northern Minnesota. Quetico covers over one million acres of land and lakes and is famous for its tremendous fishing. Here, you'll experience pure peacefulness listening to an orchestra of insects, loons and wolves on drinkable glass lake surfaces. Quetico is best explored by individuals and groups who have previous canoeing experience, as the terrain includes magnificent waterfalls, sparkling rapids and overgrown forests. You might go days without seeing another person and are more likely to see moose, bears, wolves and other abundant wildlife while enjoying entire fishing lakes to yourself. Portages and campsites are unimproved and the park is so secluded that nighttime will provide a view of the Milky Way and Northern Lights during the right time of year. 

 US residents will need a passport to enter the Canadian land.