Favorite Routes

The BWCA and Quetico have many great route options. We’ve included some of our favorite routes for you to consider. Keep in mind that the average canoe travels two to three miles per hour, and most experienced paddlers travel eight to twelve miles a day. We can work with you to determine if the route you want is the best length for you.

BWCA Routes

  • Fall Lake to Mudro Lake

Great for a 4-6 day canoe trip, you’ll see beautiful scenery on the Basswood River and find great fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. There are also plenty of options to extend this route if you’d like to make your trip a little longer.

  • Mudro Lake to Moose River

For groups with seven days or more, this is a classic Boundary Waters route. You’ll cover 45-55 miles and several portages, but as your reward you’ll see unforgettable scenery and waterfalls. Fishing is outstanding for Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike. This route can be reversed.

  • Fall Lake to Moose River

This route is similar in terrain to the Mudro/Moose River trip, so expect great scenery and excellent fishing. It offers a little more paddling than portaging and it can easily be made in seven days – even with a layover day.

  • Lake One to Kawishiwi Lake

This is a perfect route for scout, school or church groups. There are several possible day trips or route extensions along the way and you can expect fishing for Walleye and Northern Pike and, on some lakes, really big Bluegills. This route can be reversed.

  • Moose Lake Loop

This is a great loop route into the heart of the BWCA, including Knife, Kekekabic and Ensign lakes. It’s great country for seeing moose, deer and bald eagles with some hiking possibilities on the south shore of Kekekabic Lake.

  • Fall Lake Loop

A loop route that includes a little bit of everything: Basswood Falls, small slow rivers (great for seeing wildlife) and big lake paddling. A good five day route with classic scenery and easy paddling. Fish for Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and Walleye.

  • Island River to South Kawishiwi Camp Ground (Hwy 1)

For paddlers who enjoy river travel, this is a good five to seven day base camping trip with plenty of time for day-tripping and loafing next to the water. Large Northern Pike, Walleye and Smallmouth Bass inhabit these waters, with Largemouth Bass in Clear Lake. 

Quetico Routes

  • Nym Lake (north side of Quetico) to Moose Lake (U.S.)

If you can afford 10-14 days to get away from it all, this route offers the best fishing and scenery and the most solitude. There are sparkling rapids, waterfalls, beautiful cliffs, and Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout fishing. In our opinion, this is probably the best canoe trip in the BWCA/Quetico.

  • Prairie Portage to Sarah/McIntyre and out to Mudro Lake

A great option for experienced paddlers; you’ll want to put your reservations in early for this one. It offers quite a bit of paddling and portaging, but if you want to see lakes that aren’t visited or fished much, it will be worth the effort. We suggest seven days or more for this route, with Fast Launch Service to Prairie Portage on your first day.

  • Prairie Portage to South Chain and back

Another classic seven day route that includes a look at Louisa Falls. We suggest Fast Launch Service both to and from Prairie Portage to leave two days for a layover so you can loaf or fish and explore.